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Getting started here …

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Isn’t the first Blogpost the worst thing in the world – it’s always some sort of “hello world – here I am …!” – yet you know NOBODY will be reading those words by the time you hit the “publish” button … and at the same time it’s a fantastic, exciting thing – this very first Post to a brandnew Blog … it’s like writing the first page of a whole new Book … not knowing if it’ll become a bestseller or not …! A first baby-step into a new, exciting adventure – and you don’t know where the road will lead you yet … for now I will just take it easy – hitting “publish” and then I’ll get ready for this new adventure … one step at a time …

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One thought on “Getting started here …

  1. Alexis

    So here I am, your first comment on your first post. I just wanted to say, “You are awesome!” I’m new to the filofax world and spent hours looking for the perfect day on a page or day on two pages downloadable and I decided that yours was just about the very best I found and it was FREE! Thank you for sharing your creativity and keep up the great job.

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