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Home-Deco: Petfriendly Candle Setup?

homedeco ideas - petfriendly candle setup - elambia candles kerzen

I just LOVE Candles … and I would love to put them up & light them everywhere in our house … BUT … I love our Cats more. If you have Cats / Dogs (or little Children) you know about the difficulties with lightling real candles – it’s just not 100% safe – never – no matter where you put them. I used to light lots of candles – when we got our cats I tried to put them in other places than I did before – not on the Table but maybe on a shelf or a board on the wall … but cats … they seem to go EVERYWHERE … so more than once there was a situation that made me decide “Okey – no more real candles!”.

As frustrating as that is – it’s just to dangerous. The only real candle we use is a little tealight in an oil warmer with some Yankee Candle Tarts (LOVE those – I’m really addicted to them and the wonderful smell they give off to the whole room!!!) – up HIGH in a Bookshelf where the Cat (so far) never went ;)  But I’m missing the warm Light of some lit Candles in the evening – especially not that Winter is approaching – the days get shorter and it’s getting dark at 4.30 pm already!

Soooo … I stumbled across Elambia Candles. I always disliked those “fake candles” (flameless LED Candles) you use with a battery and you turn them on & off … they just looked exactly that: FAKE! They had nothing in common with a real candle for me (except maybe the wax *lol*) … BUT … as technology improves so do those Candles (obviously) – because I saw those flameless LED Candles by Elambia and fell in love.


homedeco ideas - petfriendly candle setup - elambia candles kerzen


pet-friendly-candle-deco- (6 von 10)


They look amazing, really beautiful and the best: they look so real! (well – if you look very close you – of course – see that they are NOT real – but it comes VERY close – especially if you turn them on in the evening). They light the room with a beautiful “Candlelight” – exactly what I’ve been missing for so long. They also come with a Timer so you don’t have to turn them on & off all the time – once you turned them on let’s say at 5 pm they will automatically shine their light for 4 or 8 hours (you can choose) and then turn off automatically … and the next day … they “light up” automatically at 5 pm again … day by day … LOVE that!

The little 3D Light of the Candle moves and flickers like the light of a real candle- you almost see no difference which I think is amazing! I started with those 3 Candles, but will definitely buy more … they’re pretty pricey, but they don’t burn down so you can enjoy them for a VERY long time – which makes the price absolutely okey for me. And I just LOVE to decorate with them – that’s why I picked some neutral colors … right now we have a nice Autumn-Setup created with them – which I will change to a Christmas-Setup shortly (will share once it’s set up!) … can you tell I’m in love?!?


homedeco ideas - petfriendly candle setup - elambia candles kerzen


homedeco ideas - petfriendly candle setup - elambia candles kerzen


How about you? Do you like or own “fake” Candles?
Or do you have any other Tipps to share about using real Candles in a Pet- or Child-friendly Way?
(maybe there’s a Way I never thought of …) Share your Ideas & Thoughts if you like!

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