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Kitchen-Favourites: quick, fresh Bread

quick bread recipe Thermomix homemade

We’ve been baking this bread for 3 weeks in a row now (in variations of the basic recipe) and since it’s so quick & easy to make I thought I would share this recipe with you. You might say you’Re to busy baking your own bread – and believe me – those where my exact words for a loooong time. How & when should I find the time to bake bread? I’m busyyyyy – don’t you know? I’ll rather run to the bakery buying one … much faster than baking my own – right? Right? Nope … so not right. When I think back of baking bread in the past it always was a pretty long process – preparing the dough – proofing the yeast – working on the dough some more – then it eventually finally could git the oven …! So I was super excited to find this recipe for QUICK bread … only 10 minutes from start till it’s in the oven? Really? I had to try it and … was amazed … and ever since we have not bought a bread in the bakery or the supermarket anymore. The best: there are so many possibilities of variations with this basic recipe .. love that! So … let’s get started … here’s how to make your own yummy homemade bread in no time:


What you’ll need:

  •  1 yeast cube
  • 450 ml lukewarm water
  • 500 g Flour (of your choice – wholegrain flour or speltflour or normal)
  • 2 Teaspoons Salt
  • 2 Tablespoons fruit vinegar (apple vinegar or of your choice)
  • 150 g Seeds (Sunflowerseeds, Sesame, Pumpkinseeds etc.)
  • optional: try different cariations with different Spices & Herbs you like (like Oregano, Sage, Caraway, Bread Spice Mix)


Optional: I used our Thermomix to prepare the dough – which makes it much easier & quicker, but of course if you don’t have a Thermomix you could also just prepare the dough by hand / with a normal kitchen machine … (like a Kitchen Aid … I sooooo want one *lol*)

Let’s go:

  1. Add the lukewarm Water and the Yeast Cube to the Bowl, Mix well (Thermomix: 5 seconds – level 10)
  2. Add the Flour, the Salt & the Vinegar (and optional Herbs & Spices of your Choice) – mix the dough well (Thermomix: 5 Minutes on dough-level)
  3. Add the Seeds of your Choice (leave some for sprinkeling on top) – mix again (Thermomix: 1 Minute on dough Level)
  4. Pour the Dough into a bread form – sprinkle with some Seeds of your Choice.
  5. Put into the Oven right away (NOT pre-heated) for 55-60 minutes (air circulation) at 200 ° C
  6. That’s it … enjoy your quick, homemade bread … :)

quick-bread-recipe- (4 von 8)


quick-bread-recipe- (3 von 8)


quick-bread-recipe- (5 von 8)



quick bread recipe Thermomix homemade



quick bread recipe Thermomix homemade



quick bread recipe Thermomix homemade



9 thoughts on “Kitchen-Favourites: quick, fresh Bread

  1. anne Marie

    Interesting recepie. So you don’t make up the dough which is the part that takes time. I also note that you do not cook the bread with a bowl of water in oven.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. TheMintgreenPolkadot Post author

      That’s right – that’s the Part the Thermomix is doing for me – but my Mom does it without the Machine and get’s it done just as quickly as I do with the help of the Thermomix *lol* …! No need for a bowl with water – this brea turns out super lovely without – fluffy & yummy on the inside, crispy on the outside … love it!

  2. Anne Marie

    OK. Then I will have the dough done by my bread machine but will have it cooked directly in oven. So my machine will make up the dough but it will be quicker after to cook it in the oven.
    I will let you know. Thanks again for sharing.

  3. Anne Marie

    Hello, I made the bread today. I don’t know what is your type of flour but 450ml of water for 500g of flour seemed to me too much. I usually put max 300 ml for that quantity of flour….french flour. I therefore kept my measures and added the rest of the ingredients. I put them all in my bread machine and have it work. I kept the cycle up to the end of the “made up” of the dough. Then I put the dough in my oven. My oven has a specific program for bread which is 250C for approx 20mn. Here the result:
    I taste it tomorrow. Too hot right now.

    1. TheMintgreenPolkadot Post author

      Yeah usually about 300 – 350 ml Water on 500 g of Flour is what I use for most recipes, but the dough for this one is rather “liquid” than with most breads and it worked great. Unfortunately can’t see the picture of yours – when I click the Link I get “media unavailable” :( Would love to see it and of course let me know how you like it once you’ve tasted it :)

  4. Anne Marie

    So I tasted my bread and it was excellent. The origan spice is there but not too strong, quite subtile in fact, so good. I was wondering about the vinegar when doing, my bread still have no clue on its purpose though it does not bring any taste. I will do it again but with my measurements considering I do not have the thermomix.
    thanks for sharing.

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