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Midori-Love Video: My Bullet Journal System for 2015

Midori Bullet Journal


I started the new Year with a different System to organize my To-Dos, Appointments etc. and I’m really super-happy with the new Bullet Journal System I’m using. It’s just so simple yet effective and intuitive to use … I’m only 3 weeks in using it but so far I’m really happy with it and for me it works much better than the normal way of writing things down in my Filofax on 1Day on 1Page … I’m showing you my Bullet Journal Setup and how I’m using it in a little Video …


ENGLISH VERSION of the Setup Video

GERMAN VERSION of the Setup Video


I made my own Printable Midori Inserts for this (showing you in the Video) – if you want you can download & print & use them …

You just have to add a weekly chart of your choice or use it with a month at a glance / week at a glance overview (check out DIYfish on Etsy for example – she sells some fab printable weekly / monthly charts & overviews) …



Midori Bullet Journal


Midori Bullet Journal


2 thoughts on “Midori-Love Video: My Bullet Journal System for 2015

  1. Kelley

    Many thanks for sharing these printables. I’m excited about creating my own version of the traveller’s notebook that will fit what I currently have-instead of buying something else!

    Shine on!

  2. Naomi

    thank you for sharing your inserts. I am new, to but enthusiastic about the bullet journaling concept having struggled with the Filofax planner-diary method for nearly a year. I love the grid inserts which suit me to a t so thank you!

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